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Structure Cabling System
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Explosion Proof Products
Cabinet suitable for mounting all sort of devices in standard 19” rack housings. Ideal for installing head ends, DVRs, networks devices, various kinds of equipment. The cabinet can also house devices that are not in Standard 19” rack housings for example multi switches RF amplifiers, modulators, DVRs, servers. However, the installer has to ensure proper operating temperature in accordance with the specifications of the devics. Our comprehensive range of 19” cabinets is ideally suited for the mounting of 19” equipments. -Servers, Switches, Routers, DVRs, KVM Console & switch.
Structure Cabling System
≡ Open Frames
Explosion Proof Products
Open Frames
Rack 12U 4-Post Open Frame Rack Floor standing open frame 4 post rack stores and organizes 12U of 19-inch rack equipment in small offices, retail locations and other secure IT areas with limited floor space where you need easy access to equipment.
• Heavy-duty steel construction designed to last
• Assembles using included hardware
• Accommodates tool less button mounting for PDUs